Science research shows that sex helps to earn more

Scientists of Germany reported that according to their research it became known that sex is useful to filling of a purse pleasantly rustling notes. According to experts, people who regularly have sex, are richer than those people who seldom think of love joys, no matter which form, live sex or regular with their wives.

sex and money

Experts decided to find out how sex influences human life in general. I analyze sociological poll among men and women during which people answered as often they have sex as the sexual relations influence life in general, the person how many earns.

Studying answers to questions scientists came to a conclusion that sex helps to earn more. Scientists: sex helps to earn more According to poll, most of people who four times a week had sex, had prosperity in families and were able to afford to buy expensive things. People who had sex much more less than four times a week, had no such material state, as those who had sex often. Scientists explain it to that at people who often having sex, often good mood there are less than diseases, at them. They are thus predisposed to work. Also according to the statement of scientists, the successful person is always attractive in sexual planets. Thus, there is a circulation between money and sex. People who have sex financially independent that does them sexually attractive, and sex in turn, promotes full financial freedom.