Demand sex two times a day or permission to cheat

The known humor “sex – a great way to get to know each other better” played a dirty trick with me.

I understand that I will say now on a subject which causes in a protest and misunderstanding. I ask not to offend me and not to insert the trite comments in a look “you will be erased from such rates”. Perhaps there will be an adequate couple someone has a similar problem and is found a way of its decision. The fact is that my boyfriend cannot have sex so much how many it is required to me. In 25 years, I do not consider that to make love twice a day is a hypertrophied requirement.

Recently I opened the heart with the friend who has two children, so at her eyes on a forehead got out from mine, according to her, “concerns and inactions”. She advised me to buy several hundred parts of the land plot, to take a mortgage for about 25 years, to give birth to five, to start working out, eventually …

    “Whether not too you have a lot of free time and forces? Sublimate the energy in work. To me, for example, children, the house and service moderated all appetites” – the acquaintance told.

Turns out, to crush what it is necessary to bury in pampers itself the credits, to die at work and then to feel all full value of life? And to begin and finish day with sex is an unhealthy desire. Die, but do not give up! That is – die in the field of life, but do not give up to sex. 

But the speech, of course, not about the girlfriend, and about my boyfriend. We are on friendly terms from the university, studied at parallel faculties, walked in one company. After graduated from higher education institution, in a friendly way met by accident. He was always cheerful and interesting to me. And still it very well understood me and became not that the girlfriend or a vest … No. It became my guide in answers to vital questions, in the solution of creative and working tasks, in cultural entertainments. It was pleasant to me when it held me by a hand as the girl, and conducted in literal and figurative sense of a word.

sexy wet girl

I remember our first kiss: asterisks in the head and butterflies in a stomach. I remember how with surprise asked a question why I saw so many years in it only the friend and did not consider as the man in any way. And he made a declaration of love and told that he dreamed to be all these years with me. We began to live together.

At first three-four times a week I blamed sex on the fact that it is difficult for it to pass so quickly from a friendly relationship to love. Especially he knew about some of my former partners, without details, of course, but was aware of my psychological experiences. About intimate things we never spoke. And here it turns out that we about each other also did not know the most important.

Eight months passed as we live together, but the regularity of bed entertainments did not increase. He kisses me on a cheek for the night and in the mornings, I try to prolong pleasure, but he so in the affirmative stops my assertiveness that I cannot continue further. He strong twists me with hands and legs as in a trap, and having wished good night, fills up. In the morning kisses gently and jumps for work. I suffer all day, at me legs shiver, I began to think badly at the position. Colleagues play a trick that stormy family life will not bring me to good and I will fall from a surplus of night joys soon. And I want to answer with a joke of my mother: “In the Kama Sutra there are a lot of cool poses, it is a pity, the husband has an osteoporosis”. But we can see new sex poses live where couples are streaming straight from bedrooms and shows the world. This just screams to my mind that we should not be so shy.

By the way, about a marriage. Darling made me the proposal with words that wants to meet with me all declines and dawn. I laughed the matter off the fact that then it precisely should fulfill a conjugal duty and at sunset, and at dawn.

    I want for it in marriage, but I do not know how to solve a problem of different temperaments in a bed.

This fall we went the big company to a sortie to an oak grove. The natural landscape was just fascinating: on the one hand – the Don River, with another – the deep-water lake. The trip was absolutely weakening: fire, shish kebab, night bathing, dances. One of friends of my boyfriend sang songs which I love very much too. Under the system of a karaoke we sung a duet the song that turned me on fast. “From the sky-sky-sky leu, a rain. Be not ill …” At me on a body poured a rain and scolded to goosebumps. In tents we slept on several people, and so it turned out that not only my boyfriend, but also the partner in the song was near me. Darling fell asleep, and me banged. And then I understood that I more so will not sustain.

When came back home, suggested the guy to give me certain freedom and the chance to have the additional physiological partner. Yes, I asked his permission to cheat/ That day both of us roared and were engaged in harsh fetish sex for several days in a row.

Recently it was necessary to return to this subject. I do not know, what should I do.