Sex is good and heals us

Who did not dream, drinking the next bitter mixture from the illness which overtook us that all drugs were tasty, pleasant and useful? The Universe heard your prayers! It gave your request to scientists who in turn proved that treats and sex prevents many diseases! sorts today diseases which will be unpleasantly have, but it is pleasant to be treated 😉

sex is good

Sex treats …
… headache

It is no secret that sex helps to develop with blood endorphin – “a pleasure hormone” which is natural anesthetizing. Besides, the level of corticosteroids which will also help you to forget about a headache, and, perhaps, about other pains grows (sex treats as well pains during PMS).

In medicine corticosteroids are used including for treatment allergic reactions therefore who knows? 🙂

So the widespread excuse “hurts the head” will not work anymore since completely contradicts medicine and common sense.

Sex treats …
… hair and skin

Sex considerably increases estrogen level in the woman’s blood, and it does hair by more brilliant, skin – more shining and healthy.

Besides, scientists found out that regular sex helps women to look much younger than the real age.

Because of positive influence of sex on hormonal system it can cure skin spots (if, of course, hormonal shifts were the cause).

Sex treats …
… cold

Sex – the best means for an immunity raising! During sex in an organism the maintenance of proteinaceous antibodies of immunoglobulin A which not only successfully struggles with cold raises, but also increases the general resilience of an organism to different infections.

Besides, it is noticed that during strong excitement passes the nose which is bunged up by cold.

Sex treats …
… obesity

If sports halls and diets is an inadmissible mockery at itself, your means for maintenance of muscles in a tone, and the body in a fine state is a sex.

Scientists say that in a minute of physical proximity you can burn 4 calories (sometimes more) so now on notes in the refrigerator on cake write not 600 calories, but 2,5 hours of sex! Your refrigerator will cease to be closed from subwearable to you by the careful husband “cakes and frozen soon” 🙂

Sex treats …
… violations of a menstrual cycle

Regular sex – pledge of a stable menstrual cycle as sex actively influences hormonal system (and violations in its work often and are the reason of the “jumping” menstrual cycle).

Sex treats …
… gynecologic problems

During sexual intercourse to bodies of a small pelvis of the woman the rush of blood, and after sexual intercourse – her outflow is made. It very positively influences health of genitals.

It is checked that the sexual dissatisfaction conducts to development of some gynecologic diseases (and regular sex treats them), and also leads even to an atrophy of muscles of a vagina.

Here we still want to remind that with age muscles of a pelvic bottom which help to constrain urine, wear out that leads to unpleasant consequences. Sex helps to keep these muscles in a tone.

Sex treats …
… psychological problems

If you have a temporary depression, terribly irritates everything that is around, upset even trifles – that sex will cure you quicker, then any doctor. An explanation for that is the same endorphin which emission in blood does problems less if does not erase them at all, forces to look at all difficulties in a new way.

Besides, it is noticed that after sex people become quieter and more benevolent.

Sex is a requirement of a human body on an equal basis with food and a roof over the head (only if you not sacred, of course). Therefore, if you do not satisfy such primary requirements of an organism, it will start protesting, in every possible way showing that is not enough for it.

It will be shown not only in diseases, but also in constant fault-finding, irritability.

So be engaged in prevention better, and then will forget that sex treats since will be ill nothing 🙂

After all met ladies who and want to tell following “the man to it it is necessary!”? Of course, it is so roughly possible and not to speak, and simply inadvertently to palm off on it an article that sex treats …

Besides, during sex the brain of the person receives a high dose of the blood enriched with oxygen that positively influences brain activity, helps to concentrate quicker, improves attention and in general increases efficiency of the performed work.

Sex treats …
… stroke and hypertension

Of course, here sex does not treat, and helps to prevent a stroke and a hypertension as regular sex can normalize a blood pressure rather.
Universal remedy

We tried to list the most noticeable diseases and illnesses which sex can help to cure in this article. Though it, certainly, not everyone!

During sex in an organism cholesterol level decreases, the content of glucose in a liver decreases. Hormonal splash which happens at excitement and at an orgasm, positively influences all organism in general.

Faltering breath during sex and weakened after it oxygenates an organism and promotes prevention of Bronco-pulmonary diseases.

So – it is proved scientifically! – sex not only treats some diseases and helps with their prevention, but also in general does us more beautiful, younger, more harmonious, more joyful and more harmonious. Sex helps an organism to develop as to it is put by the nature, keeps in a tone all muscles and all internal systems of an organism.

And regular sex with darling, and also simply proximity, ALL diseases treat. Because happy people are not ill and are always beautiful.

“Make love, not war” — as were bequeathed by great Lennon!